Given the sudden public interest in Bitcoin over the last couple of years, it’s astonishing how few people seem to have a clear sense of what it actually is—to say nothing of how one can actually participate. Misinformation runs rampant, and to make matters worse, all of the supporting services (wallets, exchanges, etc.) seem caught up in the stodgy design of finance: engendering trust, but looking ancient.

Enter Coinbase, whose goal is to open up Bitcoin to the non-tech world through both an online wallet and comprehensive merchant services. In an effort to design & build a clear and communicative introduction to both Bitcoin and Coinbase, they approached us to design & build their marketing site.

Our primary challenge was to explain an unconventional technology in a way that was universally understandable. This meant focusing heavily on the value and convenience of Bitcoin, and dropping the technical jargon that often leaves services like Coinbase scaring away new adopters.

With a focus on clear type, copy, and comparatively modern design, we created a simple and striking website to make the mysterious world of Bitcoin clear and accessible. Coinbase has since become one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets available.