Redefining a company through their marketing site.

The past decade has presented an interesting set of challenges on the web. Many brands live in a strictly digital space, and advancing their identity is based solely on their online presence. Web design and advertising are often one and the same, and in more and more cases, websites are a company's only bridge to prospective clients.



After a long day of discussions, we uncovered Medallia's driving force: the world now equates big companies with mediocrity, and it doesn't need to be that way. Pride, passion, and creativity can exist comfortably alongside big business. It was up to us to translate that into a simple and impactful marketing site.


Designing Interactions

We believe the collaboration between design and development to be a key piece of any successful project. Adobe Edge is a great tool to help keep this process efficient. Much like an After Effects mockup, it allows our design and engineering teams to speak the same language prior to implementation.


After multiple iterations, we arrived at the concept below. The design is not simply an effective way of selling to prospective clients; it's also an accurate representation of what Medallia believes to be true about any company. Their honest message to the world is that any company has the power to be an impactful and smart brand.