Authenticate documents
with your phone.

From ancient contracts to the modern practice of witnessing signatures and proving identity, notarization has always been an offline process – requiring reams of paper, time and patience. Getting important documents (such as mortgages and wills) notarized means in-person appointments, round-trip travel, signing on all the dotted lines, and filing physical copies.

Boston-based Venture Capitalist Pat Kinsel saw a better way. He challenged us to help revolutionize how Americans get documents notarized, and we delivered the Notarize platform six months later.

Building for the future state

Our goal was to create the first digital notary application that upholds state-specific U.S. laws for face-to-face communication and real-time document collaboration. At the same time, we needed to translate a predictable workflow into a simple and seamless user experience. No fussy menus or complicated tools – and we were determined to cut this multi-step process down to the legal essentials.

  • Integration

    Deep integration with DropBox and ShareTo functionality to find any type document you want notarized. From MS Office, to Apple Pages to PDFs.

  • Queuing

    Complex queuing system to ensure customers are served in the order they arrive.

  • Video Chat

    Real-time video conferencing to chat face-to-face with the notary.

  • Real-time Collaboration

    Real-time document collaboration and annotations to work on the document as if you were in the same room.

  • Easy Export

    Legal, digitally signed PDFs exported back to DropBox or via email, ready to take to the people who require notarized documents.

We built Notarize from the ground up, designing and developing the look and feel, and creating robust back-end services. We also tied the face-to-face video communication app together with real-time document annotations to make it feel like you’re sitting in the same room. Illustrations explain the mobile experience to users, while onboarding screens illustrate how the step-by-step process will unfold. With wi-fi and a video-enabled device, users can receive a legal, digitally signed and notarized document from the comfort of their couch.

We’re proud of Notarize. This first-of-its-kind application transforms a cumbersome process into a clean, digital experience. For clients, that means no more waiting rooms and travel delays to make a document legit. The benefits for notary professionals are far greater. Notarize eliminates the fixed overhead of maintaining office space, filing cabinets, reception and fresh coffee, while trimming an hour-long appointment down to mere minutes. Finish your current workload faster or fill your schedule with more clients. Either way, it’s a new era for this age-old legal process.

Illustrations were created to help guide users through the app.