Setting a brand in motion.

Our favourite clients tend to have two characteristics: they have a product that people are using, and an openness to dramatic changes. Beginning a collaborative project with the option to change direction entirely will almost always lead to better work - but more importantly, it gives a firm like ours the opportunity to have an impact on every piece of a product, rather than just a small part of it.

Swivl in Action
Our work included a companion iOS app, which enables an iPad or iPhone to communicate with Swivl’s rotating base hardware.

Swivl’s innovative product - a rotating base that acts as a cameraman for your mobile device - was centered around the idea that great content requires great delivery. Even the most eloquent recorded presentation can fall on deaf ears if the production and delivery are half-baked.

Swivl’s marketing site and iOS app both needed to engender this idea - that with their technology, you can add new depth to your lecture, presentation, or sales pitch. We began by creating some reductive designs for the marketing site and mobile app in an attempt to unify the entire product behind a strikingly simple look and feel. First up was the marketing site, which featured an ultralight navigation and minimal copy.

Since our involvement with this product was universal, this was not a matter of suggesting a style and stepping away: it was our responsibility to ensure that the style established on the marketing site was spread throughout the entire product. Next up was an overhaul of the iOS apps.

Swivl Capture
The app provides a simple, unobtrusive supplement to the hardware, allowing users to create engaging presentations through an intuitive UI.

As a final and significant piece, we went through a branding exercise in order to effectively summarize the design language we’d created to that point. After creating multiple design marks, we eventually landed on the perfect concept - one that effectively harmonized the minimal designs of the hardware, marketing site, and apps. The mark positioned Swivl as modern, forward thinking, and intensely aspirational.

It’s often the case that our influence only reaches one part of a product. This leads to severe design restrictions, and it becomes a monumental challenge to create compelling work. With Swivl, our audit encompassed absolutely everything - nothing was untouchable. This led to a strong, cohesive design language, and a comprehensive understanding of the identity and objectives of the product. For all intents and purposes, we became a functioning part of the Swivl team, and were able to enact real change within an amazing product.