The Dream is Now

We helped kick-start US immigration reform.

Late in 2012, we were approached by Laurene Powell-Jobs and Emerson Collective about a new project they were undertaking - something big. We flew to San Francisco to meet with them, and heard about their vision: they wanted to spread the word about America's broken immigration system, with the end goal of passing reform to give undocumented immigrants a chance at citizenship. They had Davis Guggenheim (Waiting For Superman) on their side directing a supporting documentary, but they also needed a web platform where those affected could share their stories and put human faces to a contentious issue.

Version 1

The Logo

To give the logo a friendly, human feel, we based it off of our Creative Director’s handwriting. We pulled the result into Adobe Illustrator and tweaked it for scale and balance.

Version 2

Maintaining Momentum

The initial launch was hugely successful, but the celebration was short-lived - we moved directly into designing the second version of the site, which was much more feature-rich and contained an abundance of functionality changes.

Through the design phase, we tried a myriad of options, including a “mobile first” horizontal version that would give us a quick-launch responsive solution.

The Final Structure

In the end, we decided to stick to our original structure, and created a few options of the vertical template. The general flexibility of being able to add or remove whole “rows” of content proved to be advantageous for a campaign in which priorities and promotional elements were often in flux.

Whether it was a new initiative, a tweet from a celebrity, or an important update that required more than just a blog post, we needed the ability to inject it right into the homepage.